Each person has a unique experience with acupuncture because everyone's body responds differently.  It is a powerful healing experience and many people report it to be extremely relaxing.


The first appointment is an indept health and personal history interview where I will seek to fully understand your health concerns.  I will also do a brief physical exam and begin to assess your needs from a Chinese medical perspective.  You will then receive your first acupuncture treatment.  This initial appointment typically lasts about 1.5 hours.


From there I will develop a plan to help alleviate your symptoms while treating the root cause of your physical, mental or spiritual disharmony.  Ideally you would be seen in weekly visits at first and then begin to space the visits out as you see significant changes.  My goal for every patient is to give them the tools to maintain their own wellness and eventually only treat them once seasonally.  

What will my experience be like?

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