Let me start by saying Katie Herman changed my life!  I'm not only beginning my journey as a mother thanks to her, but I am an avid believer in the healing powers and benefits of acupuncture and alternative medicine.


Stevensville, MD

I can't stress enough that not only did Katie heal my pain and condition through effective treatments, but she healed my soul through her kindness and heart.  She took a patient that was terrified of needles and erased her fears and eventually erased her pain. 


Severna Park, MD

Over the time, Katie was able to help me such that the pain was completely subsided until our next appointment.  My shoulder pain at this time is almost non-existent.  Her treatments help me where other doctors could not. I am also sleeping better, and I believe my overall general health and well-being is significantly better. Katie was professional with my treatment, but at the same she was friendly and showed consideration for me as a person. I can wholeheartedly recommend Katie as an acupuncture practitioner for anyone seeking care.


Columbia, MD

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